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Shelf, The and We're Going To A Wedding Play Script by Tony Edwards

Shelf, The and We’re Going To A Wedding
Tony Edwards
The Shelf + We’re Going To A Wedding Two more Frank and Aggie plays. Together with Monica, their daughter from Hell, they are the ultimate in dysfunctional families. See what chaos reigns when Frank is asked to put up a shelf. What does Aggie demand of her family when she reaches a crisis in her life? Frank can’t see the point, and is only interested in going down the pub.

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Cast Summary

The Shelf: 2M 2F
We're Going To A Wedding: 4M 3F

The Shelf
Tea slurping Aggie wants her husband Frank to put a shelf up for her in the lounge, but Frank doesn’t fancy the idea and keeps putting it off. Frank’s best mate Alf commiserates with Frank at the pub where they discuss the situation at great length, if not in great depth.

Daughter Monica doesn’t help when she starts wailing, having discovered that she was born five years earlier than planned.

Aggie gives Frank a hard time, so Alf makes an incredible suggestion. Why not simply put the blasted shelf up and have done with it! It takes a long time for this to sink in to Frank’s brain, but he agrees, since Alf points out that Frank has not ‘backed down’ because he has decided to do it.

The two friends go to much trouble getting all the necessary tools together, but Frank is not ready for Aggie’s reaction when he says he’s ready to do the job!

We’re Going to a Wedding
Aggie is livid. Frank has committed the cardinal sin and forgotten their wedding anniversary, and she is on the verge of demanding a divorce.

Frank can’t see the problem - even though daughter Monica is encouraging Aggie to do so. Aggie decides on a different idea. She and Frank must renew their wedding vows i.e. a commitment.

The vicar throws a spanner in the works and nosy neighbour Mrs Clegghorn upsets Aggie with her choice of hat.

Frank’s mate, Alf, doesn’t help when he tries his hand at harmonica playing - and as expected, everything ends in chaos, with ‘commitment’ the last thing on everyone’s minds.
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Format: Paperback
Pages: ii,46
Dimensions: A5 (148mm width x 210mm height)
Publisher: Jasper Publishing
Published: 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 1 904416 85 3

The Shelf: Frank, Aggie, comedy, one act
We're Going To A Wedding:

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