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Snow White Pantomime Script by Peter Mitcheson

Snow White
Peter Mitcheson
Mirror Mirror, glass of rhyme, what is the funniest pantomime? Snow White’s the story that you seek. Linger here and take a peek. A hapless two named Watt and Ware, who first we meet at the May Fair, Take our dear Snow with raven locks, to put her heart into a box! She runs and runs deep in the wood until she finds a cottage good. Eight gnomes are there, each with their merits, tickling us into hysterics! There should be 7 but from the mist, a strange gnome came to give a twist … No no, I can’t see secrets slipped, what you should do is read the script!

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Cast Summary

Snow White: 14 Principals

Ashland was once a happy country, ruled by Queen Diane and King Peter, who were loved by all their subjects. But then Queen Diane died, and King Peter fell under the spell of the beautiful Cryptella and took her as his Queen. Unknown to him, Cryptella was in reality a wicked witch who was kept young and beautiful by her magic mirror. The King Peter died suddenly. How we do not know, but we have our suspicions. That left Queen Cryptella ruling alone, and Ashland changed from a happy country to a land where the citizens were oppressed, heavily taxed, and downtrodden by the tyrant Queen.

Not satisfied with one kingdom, Queen Cryptella turns her attentions to the neighbouring land of Oakville, ruled over by young Prince Edwin. She invites him to visit, with the intention of marrying him, and then plundering his wealth. But her plans go wrong when Edwin meets and falls in love with Snow White, and turns down Cryptella’s proposal of marriage. In her fury Cryptella casts a spell on Prince Edwin turning him into a gnome, and sends her two hapless handymen, Watt and Ware, to kill Snow White.

Then by a stroke of good fortune, which happens only in pantomime Edwin, who is lost and has no memory of his life as a Prince meets seven other gnomes who take him to their cottage, while Snow White who has been allowed by the handymen to run away in the forest has found shelter in the same cottage.

Cryptella, having been told by her magic mirror that Snow White is still alive, disguises herself and gives Snow White a poisoned apple which she bites into and falls to the ground, seemingly dead. Edwin makes her cough up the poisoned apple and saves her. Snow White kisses him, thus releasing him from Cryptella’s evil spell, and she and Prince Edwin recognise each other.

Meanwhile Cryptella, having been informed by the mirror that her plan has again failed, flies into a fury and smashes the mirror, before realising that this breaks the spell that was keeping her forever young. Thus her own evil temper is her undoing.

Snow White and Prince Edwin return to Ashland with the seven gnomes where they are given a huge welcome and in true pantomime tradition they all live happily ever after.

This variation allows the principal boy to enter the story much earlier than in the traditional story where the prince arrives only after Snow White has been poisoned.
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Format: Paperback
Pages: v,42
Dimensions: A5 (148mm width x 210mm height)
Publisher: Jasper Publishing
Published: 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 978 1 906997 40 3

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